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AVR wants to create a clean world in which nothing goes unused. This means that we must continuously look at how we can derive even more value from the residual waste. In other words: from worthless to 100% valuable. That largely defines the strategic agenda for the coming years.

At present AVR is recovering energy and raw materials from residual waste. 2-3% of the residual waste still can´t be used, and there is another potential of 20% extra energy that can be extracted.

To fulfil our ambition of ultimately using 100% of all residual waste, we are investing in specific projects such as the capture and use of CO2 and we have initiated and are participating in various studies, together with e.g. the University of Leuven or joint venture partner Nystar, with whom we are looking for ways to recover valuable metals from our flue gases. The methods for recovering the last 2-3% are intensive and complicated, but they are crucial in our striving to fulfil our mission: a clean world in which nothing is wasted. 

If we don´t want any residual waste to go unused, we’ll have to focus on the last 2-3% that we still can´t do anything with right now!

Energy doubling

Society could still use not just extra raw materials but also extra energy. For AVR it’s a challenge to extract even more energy from the same tonnes of residual waste.

In this respect we’ve grown in recent years, and we’ve been successful in supplying ever more energy to society. Through the connection of two industrial companies and the urban heat networks, AVR has doubled its energy contribution to society (from x PJ in 2002 to x PJ in 2015). Thanks to introducing the energy desk at the end of 2015 we expect to be supplying 6-10% more energy already in 2016. But we´re determined to go even further. We still see opportunities for returning more energy from waste to society and saving fossil fuels. We’re exploring methods for storing heat in the summer and supplying it to households in the winter.

By extracting as much as possible from residual waste, we make what was worthless 100% valuable again!