AVR and Covid-19 (Corona)


AVR has a protocol in respect of viruses such as corona. We are keeping a very close watch on the situation around the corona virus and, where necessary, we are implementing a further tightening of our measures to keep our workplaces safe and healthy. Naturally we want to prevent the infection with and spread of Covid-19.

This protocol is, therefore, a ‘live’ document: it is constantly being updated to reflect new insights based on advice from a number of sources of expertise and experience including the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), GGD, the Government and the Occupational Health and Safety Service(s). We provide regular updates to our employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.

Anti corona virus measures

It is important to realise that the corona virus is expected to be around for quite some time and the consequences of the current outbreak will remain apparent for an even longer period. It is important that our company continues to function optimally. Avoiding and delaying the spread of the virus is essential if we are to prevent a large-scale absence of employees and peak burdening of the health care service. AVR is following the RIVM and Government guidelines and has implemented the following measures to limit the risks of an outbreak of the corona virus. We will continue communicating the current measures and any up-scaling of measures via the various communication channels. This is important because AVR Afvalverwerking B.V. is in one of the government-designated vital profession sectors.

Communication with suppliers and customers

When necessary and desirable our Purchasing Department will inform our suppliers regarding our protocol and any required up-scaling of measures due to the changing pandemic situation. Our Commercial Department will, of course, look after our customers and, when desired and necessary, will also take care of communications and statements. Towards this end we are closely monitoring the situation and the advice from health organisations, such as the RIVM and (local and national) government agencies.

Our core message is that we believe keeping our customers informed regarding what AVR is doing to keep its employees healthy and safe, and how we can guarantee our service provision is important. Safeguarding the safety of our people is a fundamental of the way we work. This is why we are using various internal education and awareness channels for communications on this topic.

Measures related to our primary operational processes

We have also implemented stricter measures to safeguard our primary operational processes, for example by separating physical handovers in all shifts and only allowing activities to take place at our facilities when absolutely essential. Employees whose tasks do not have to be carried out on an AVR site are working from home. When working on an AVR site is essential, strict control and hygiene measures are applicable. We call on everyone to accept his or her responsibility. Including by only coming to an AVR site when neither they not anyone with whom they share a home (family or housemates) is in any way unwell, and by maintaining appropriate social distancing whilst on site. Working environments are being cleaned more thoroughly and more often. We are responsible for ourselves and for each other, we look after each other’s safety and health and we help each other.

A special team has been set-up to closely monitor all virus-related developments. If the situation suddenly changes we are prepared to implement the necessary next steps very quickly. If necessary our customers and suppliers will be kept informed.

Should there be any questions as a result of our messages, customers should contact their Account Manager and suppliers should contact the relevant Purchaser.