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Throughout the world, people are dealing ever more consciously with their wastes, and that´s a good thing for human beings, society and the environment. Nevertheless, the mountain of residual waste that is produced daily remains huge. In Europe in 2014, for example, almost 80 million tonnes of household residual waste were still being dumped in landfills.

Virtually all Dutch municipalities are hard at work trying to reach their recycling targets for old paper, glass, plastic and vegetable, fruit and garden (VFG) waste. What remains is the residual waste. In 2014 a bit more than 51% of all household waste was recycled, so a relatively large quantity is still left over. In big cities, each inhabitant accounts for around 250-290 kg of residual waste per year.

AVR has a good solution for the residual waste: on our 10 waste lines in Rozenburg and Duiven we process no less than 1.3 million tonnes of household residual waste per year. That residual waste comes from households in the Netherlands and England. So within Europe we are playing an important role in making the circular economy a reality more quickly.

If this waste mountain isn´t effectively processed, our society has a very big problem on its hands.