Post-separation plant


The post-separation plant separates and sorts foils, films, plastics and drink cartons from household residual waste. These materials can be recycled to make new products. Every day we receive this residual waste from a number of sources, including the municipalities of Leiden, Den Haag (The Hague), Utrecht and Rotterdam.

How does this post-separation process work?

The post-separation plant first opens the rubbish sacks with a shredder and uses magnets to extract any metal before the waste is sorted by size using a vibrating screen. Foils and films (2D) are then separated from rigid (3D) plastic items and drink cartons with the help of ballistic separators and wind shifters. Finally, infrared scanners enable us to separate and recover the desired foils, films, hard plastics and drink cartons from the residual waste. The recovered material is compressed into bales for recycling. Recycling companies in Europe process the materials into new products.