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AVR has not been standing still these last years. We have made many improvements, starting with the flue gas washing installation in 1993 to the last expansion of our heating network in Duiven and Westervoort at the end of 2014, and our collaboration with Heros to develop a new technology for clean bottom ash.

This allowed AVR to recover ever growing quantities of energy and raw materials from residual waste. Currently, AVR uses 96-97% of the residual waste, leaving 3-4% unused. There is also a percentage of the energy from residual waste for which we are yet to find a useful purpose. In order to fulfil our ambition we are working on a number of projects.

Every year, AVR returns 30 kilotonnes of metals to the metal industry. A perfect example of 100% re-use.

The mineral bottom ash generates enough sustainable paving stones to cover 400 football pitches per year.

Our results

AVR achieved the following tangible results this past month:

  • We processed 180 kilotonnes of residual waste (various types of residual waste)
  • We provided 170.583 households with electricity
  • We provided 72.902 households with heat
  • And we provided 2 clients with steam for their production processes!

R1 value

The R1 value of AVR's Rozenburg site increased from 0.62 in 2011 to 0.69 in 2015. For 2016, we expect it to reach 0.8. The situation of our Duiven site is different, because the thermal conversion plant provides homes in the surrounding neighbourhoods with 100% green heating. This is not taken into account for the official R1 value. Therefore, the R1 value for Duiven is lower, i.e. 0.6. It could be 0.8 if we include the conversion plant!

More energy output

New projects change AVR's energy balance. We expect to supply more energy in 2016 than in 2015. Through the inclusion of our biomass plant and the expansion of our steam and heating network, we expect to double our sustainable energy production on this site from 2018 onwards.

By striving to maximise the utilisation of the residual waste processed by AVR, our future results will continue to improve.