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Our logistic location with a number of transfer points is perfect for transferring residual waste from the Netherlands, the UK and Italy but also the rest of Europe by boat, trailer and/or container. In the UK for example, most material gets baled and wrapped before shipment. The proximity to both city and industry means that we can distribute our energy within our immediate surroundings.

Within Europe the Netherlands leads the way when it comes to recycling, waste processing and reducing land ll. We also wish to contribute to a clean Europe, because pollution knows no borders. We offer a solution to those European countries that are still dumping their waste and have not built sophisticated installations in facilitating their transition to the circular economy. They can take advantage of our expertise, prime location and investments in infrastructure. Thanks to this cross-border collaboration, countries that otherwise still dumpland ll can invest directly in the development of a circular economy.

AVR has strong regional roots but at the same time it is European in its thinking and activities.