Who are we?

AVR specialises in the processing of various types of residual waste. We convert this waste into energy and raw materials for households and businesses. Our aim is to create a clean world in which nothing is wasted by making what has no value valuable again. Day in, day out, we focus on achieving positive change, with a down-to-earth approach and practical solutions.


Our mission and vision

AVR’s Management Team

AVR strives to make a meaningful contribution towards a sustainable environment and a circular economy by facilitating the continuous reuse of raw materials. Who are the faces behind AVR’s policy?

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AVR’s history

Since AVR was founded in 1968 the Company has never stopped evolving. What started as an incineration plant to reduce the waste mountain has grown into a high-quality waste-to-energy plant.

Safety and emissions

CO₂ performance ladder

AVR projects

AVR continuously innovates and invests in larger and smaller projects aimed at making residual waste processing more and more sustainable and efficient.



Figures and results


Our certifications


Annual Report