Partners & Suppliers

AVR is an active participant in a number of partnerships. We work with others on sustainability and we constantly seek more synergy for all our energy and raw materials. This goes hand-in-hand with working with all partners, organisations and agencies that want to create awareness and strive for positive change.


Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam (Heat Company Rotterdam), Eneco and Vattenfall

In collaboration with Eneco and Vattenfall we currently supply heat to hundreds of thousands of households. The CO2 this saves throughout the chain adds up to hundreds of millions of kilos and the households do not need to use gas for heating. 

InnoFase Synergy Park

InnoFase stimulates collaborations between different sustainable entrepreneurs that will contribute towards the circular economy. In the InnoFase Synergy Park we jointly limit our CO₂ footprint. AVR supplies cheap energy to other companies in the Park and everyone at InnoFase who wants to save on hot water or steam can come to us.


Deltalinqs staat voor de belangen van de havenbedrijven Rotterdam en dient als platform om bedrijven met elkaar te verbinden zowel op gebied van onderwijs & arbeidsmarkt, ondernemersklimaat, milieu & duurzaamheid, innovatieplatforms, infrastructuur & bereikbaarheid en veiligheid en security. AVR heeft zich aangesloten binnen dit netwerk.


TNO supports AVR’s developments in the field of CO₂ recovery and heat storage. Together we enable the latest technology to be applied to our installations.


AVR and its neighbour, Tronox Pigments Holland BV, have been working together for many years to link residual flows between the adjacent facilities. We supply Tronox with 100% biogenic steam from our biomass energy plant for their production process. This is a smart reuse of residual heat that means Tronox also saves CO2.

Gelders Energy Agreement

The Gelders Energy Agreement is a collaboration of a large number of parties in this ambitious Province. AVR is happy to contribute with large-scale projects aimed at extracting far more renewable energy and raw materials from already processed organic waste.

Would you like to join us as a partner or supplier?

Would you like to exchange ideas or also become a partner or supplier in this shared ambition? If so we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us via this contact form.


    AVR General Purchasing Conditions

    AVR’s General Purchasing Conditions are applicable for all agreements with and/or (legal) transactions of AVR in respect of the purchase of goods, services and/or activities. New AVR purchasing conditions were introduced on and have been applied since 1 May 2019. These currently applicable terms and conditions can be downloaded and have also been filed with the Chamber of Commerce. All other general terms and conditions are expressly rejected. If you would like more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact our Purchasing Department by completing the contact form below.