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Bas Klein Goldewijk,
Shift manager

I started at AVR as a trainee, then became chief operator and then was promoted to shift manager. I like that the company gives us opportunities and room to grow, and that we’re faced with new challenges every day.

We’ve become an energy provider that really reaches people at home.

Frauke Wessel

I am convinced that the energy and environmental industry is currently going through a revolutionary phase. Every day, AVR contributes to a cleaner world. Therefore we constanty innovate to find better ways for the waste and energy challenges in the Netherlands.

I am proud of the results of my team. Together we define new strategies, work hard and enjoy our successes. 

Michiel Timmerije,
Director Energy & Residues

AVR is an open, informal organisation which strongly believes in partnership and innovation. We take action, and carry out projects that really contribute to a circular economy.

Society realises more and more that quality is more important than quantity. Creating more value using residual waste, that is our job, night and day.

Niek Nieswaag,
Manager Business Development

Here at AVR, we like progress and action. That speaks to me, too. Both the waste market and the energy market are changing, and with our expertise as a transforming company, we can really make a difference in both markets.

I feel proud that AVR takes action and creates something.

Jack Koot,
Energy Desk Supervisor

Every day my team and I are challenged to develop new, smart ideas to convert energy streams as efficiently as possible. And that gives me energy.

AVR helps and supports people who want to grow and develop.

Jasper De Jong,
Commercial Director

We are passionate about topics that are becoming more and more important and we work hard to contribute to clean cities that are nice to live in, and to a society which reduces its use of fossil fuels. People can relate to our work, even though it’s garbage… :)

Our story still surprises people. Surprising people is one of the best things in life.

Rob de Fluiter Balledux,
Chief Financiel Officer

AVR is a company with a hands-on mentality and a clear role in the circular economy. However, our success does not come easily: we work hard to achieve it every day. We have good people, good products and good ideas, so we look forward to the future with confidence.

Continuous improvement is one of our top priorities.

Pim De Vries,
Director Waste Processing

As Director Waste Processing, I am responsible for the operational departments. They do a formidable job, transporting and incinerating different types of residual waste every day in a clever way to generate as much energy as possible and reclaim as many raw materials as possible. We take this work seriously and we look for new ways to perfect the process every day.

The teamwork and enthusiasm of the people around me and the eventual contribution to a cleaner world for our children makes me very proud of our company.

Natalie Braber - Ligthart,
Manager Human Resources 

I work in a nice company which contributes to sustainability and to the community. This sustainability is reflected in the company culture. Respect for one another and respect for the environment are our priorities. Innovation and improvement are what drives us.

We take care of each other, we take care of the community and we take care of the environment, now and in the future.

Yves Luca,
Chief Executive Officer

I am proud of AVR's transition from a public company to a private company. This has also meant a cultural shift, the implementation of a successful business strategy and a significant improvement in operational and financial performance. I am also proud of the fact that AVR is at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

AVR is in an excellent position to meet the current challenges, based on our performance, innovation and infrastructure. This and our team of loyal, committed employees make me very confident about the future.

Marloes van Grondelle

I find it a real challenge to work with my colleagues to optimize different processes. I like to identify and remedy whenever possible. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction at the end of a hard day at work. I am proud of my work and the contribution that I deliver a smooth factory process .

At AVR I can constantly learn, discover and develop.