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A wide range of production processes generate heavily-polluted water. This waste water is unfortunately less well suited for processing in biological water treatment plants. In that case, thermally processing this water is a good alternative. Our expertise in the thermal processing of waste water and the recovery of raw materials and energy therefore offers a welcome solution for nearby industries.

Processing waste water thermally is a rather exceptional solution, and our four Vortex furnaces used for this are unique in Europe. The capacity of these furnaces is 325 k tonnes per year. For the combustion process we use as much as possible auxiliary fuels that are generated as waste in the processing industry. In addition, we recover rare metals (like molybdenum) so that they can be reused as catalysts in the chemical industry, and we also produce heat for households and companies.

It isn´t a luxury solution, but yet another example of a necessary step in the making of today’s products.