Collaboration and Initiatives


AVR is working as an initiator and participant in the following projects and joint ventures:


Innofase ( is the name of the business park where AVR Duiven is established, and it primarily serves as home to companies that are active in bio-based economy and/or energy and environmental technology. These companies are working together on a sustainable energy infrastructure. For example, AVR Duiven delivers energy directly to these companies via connected networks. The following ongoing projects are also being worked out:

Research on a local smart grid, so that the Innofase business park becomes independent in terms of energy consumption. Useful application of low-value heat from AVR´s condenser. This heat will be used to warm up the water in the water board’s treatment installation to a temperature of 23-25°C, so as to allow the bacteria that purify the water to work optimally.

Green alliances

The Green alliances ( are a collaboration between several companies in Duiven, close to AVR Duiven, which wish to jointly make the industrial zone sustainable. At present AVR is working on purchasing and installing collective solar panels and AVR has played an initiating role in creating a virtual smart grid and closing the circuit between companies.

DEC Liemers

As a region, the Liemers wants to be CO2-neutral by 2020 and energy-neutral by 2025, and no fewer than 300 companies in the Liemers are collaborating on this. AVR Duiven is a joint initiator of the virtual Liemers sustainability market: living, insulating, energy, waste and sustainable learning. In 2015 a hackathon was organised there for pupils on this topic. A building team, with AVR as one of the members, is also doing an inventory of all waste and raw materials of all companies in order to close the circuit.

Energy made in Arnhem (EmiA)

AVR is a participant in the programme Energy made in Arnhem, within which the municipality of Arnhem is working with the other members on the development of a sustainable environment, climate and economy. In 2014 AVR Duiven was connected to the Arnhem heating network. An extension for energy use in Arnhem North is being studied.


AVR is actively participating in various branch associations such as the Vereniging Afvalbedrijven (VA – Waste Management Association) and the CEWEP (Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants).