Success stories


With its sustainable partnerships with various companies, AVR is achieving a serious CO2 reduction in the area around its sites:

CO₂ reduction through urban heat in Rotterdam

Through an intensive collaboration between AVR and the Rotterdam heating company, the heating pipeline via Rotterdam-South has been created.

In 2014 through cooperation with Eneco, another urban heat pipeline was established that supplies households in Rotterdam-North with urban heat from AVR.

CO₂ reduction through urban heat in Duiven and Arnhem

As of 22 January 2015, the heat that is released by burning waste at AVR Duiven has been sent, via a smart network, to households in Duiven and Arnhem. AVR collaborated in the creation of this network, which is managed by NUON: Festive opening linking NUON Urban heat with AVR.

CO₂ reduction by steam network of AVR in the Port of Rotterdam

Watch an amusing and informative film from AVR and EKC (a large chemical company in the Port of Rotterdam) here.