AVR in brief


AVR specialises in the processing of various types of residual waste: waste water, paper pulp residue, household and commercial waste, waste wood and hazardous waste. We strive continuously to achieve the maximum recovery of energy, raw materials and other materials from this residual waste through effective, efficient and safe business operations. 

We ensure that metals are recycled and minerals are used in (road) construction. We supply (sustainable) steam, heat and electricity to our surrounding area and by so doing make the use of fossil fuels unnecessary. In this way AVR makes an important contribution towards the achievement of the Dutch and European goals related to climate and energy. And AVR does all this with residual waste that other people often think is worthless. 

AVR has two factories (in Duiven and Rozenburg) in which residual waste is converted into energy and raw materials, and four waste transfer stations in Den Haag, Utrecht and central Rotterdam. The central location of these facilities is very advantageous for both the suppliers of residual waste and the purchasers of energy and raw materials. Whenever possible the residual waste is brought in by water. When that is not possible it is brought in by road.