Our mission and vision


Our mission: to create a clean world in which nothing is wasted

AVR has been contributing towards keeping streets and cities clean for many years. We do it by taking residual waste streams most people consider worthless and giving them a new life as raw materials and energy. The target is always 100%: to convert the residue of the residue nobody else can do anything with into something worthwhile, and with a minimal environmental-impact. We believe our solution is the best available at this time. It’s why we are here and it’s also our motivation: to create a clean world in which nothing is wasted. We, together with our proud employees, are working day in and day out to bring about positive change.

Our vision: too good to waste

Vital raw materials are being depleted and CO2 emissions are changing the climate. If we want this planet to be liveable for future generations we must make radical changes now. Changes like implementing a circular economy and an energy supply that is 100% sustainable. The way we handle residual waste is a key factor in making our planet more sustainable. The global population keeps on increasing, the global waste mountain keeps on growing and in many countries the majority of the residual waste is still dumped as landfill.

AVR makes an important contribution towards reducing difficult residual waste streams: as experts in handling the residue of the residue we make new beginnings possible. Achieving this in a constantly-changing world demands a flexible approach. With our sights set firmly on tomorrow we offer the best solution for the residue of the residue available today. At the same time we ourselves are constantly changing, adapting. Because that is our goal: to offer the best solution for the day-to-day challenges facing our society and to constantly seek ways to do it that are better, cleaner, more efficient and emission-free. You can’t have one without the other: we are striving for a natural balance between economy and ecology. Doing that is what enables us to not only provide a social solution for keeping the streets clean, but also gives us the capacity to be a driving force for far-reaching innovations. A circular and sustainable 2050 is coming. AVR will be part of it.