Energy Desk


Many people use the energy generated by AVR: The heat is used by many households connected to the district heat network, the steam is used by many local companies and the electricity AVR generates is sold and then supplied to consumers and companies.

The demand for steam, electricity or heat is constantly changing – per minute, per day and per customer. To ensure the available energy is distributed to customers efficiently the Energy Desk operates 24/7 so the energy distribution plan based on supply and demand drawn up by the Energy Desk Team can be adjusted to the actual situation whenever required.

For example, the Energy Desk distribution plan provides more heat in the mornings when more people are taking showers. The seasons also influence the supply and demand for energy. But some changes are not so easy to plan for – if there is no wind the wind turbines don’t turn and more electricity is needed.

We supply energy when it is needed. Our Energy Desk tunes the supply to the demand 24/7.