Process steam

The steam produced by our incineration process is not lost – it finds its way into the industrial sector where a number of companies use it for their production processes.


We supply process steam under high pressure directly to industrial customers, including companies in the Port of Rotterdam. The customer companies are physically connected to AVR via a steam pipeline that is more than two kilometres long. Since the beginning of 2021 we have also supplied steam via a connected steam pipeline network to a recycling company in Duiven. The gas savings these companies achieve thanks to the heat produced by AVR is equivalent to the gas consumption of 30,000 households.

AVR’s steam supply network in the Port can be extended so other companies in the Botlek area can be connected. Expanding the process steam network will eventually lead to a CO₂ reduction of more than 100,000 tons per year. This will be a tangible contribution towards the achievement of the Dutch climate goals. We are also investigating the possibilities of supplying steam to industrial companies in Duiven.

AVR’s good location means far-reaching environmental savings are within reach.