Over the coming years AVR will be working on both energy and CO2 reduction. But AVR can also make a major contribution by participating in various sustainable initiatives as well as developing new (chain) initiatives. This cooperation with others is important, because many improvements are achieved by jointly feeding raw materials and sustainable energy back into society.

Own initiative: new development project for CO2 capture and use

Since 2015 AVR has been working on its own new initiative with which CO2 can be saved.

Through an intensive cooperation with TNO and partner CarbonOro, AVR is developing in 2016 and 2017 an innovative technology for capturing CO2 from the flue gases of the installation. The first full emission reduction of at least 50 k tonnes is expected in 2018. Read more in the recently-published newsletter (Dutch only).

Heat on the way: South Holland Province

AVR is one of the active parties who are working together with the province of South Holland to make the heat infrastructure more sustainable. The goal is to heat 14% of the buildings, homes and greenhouses in the southern part of the South Holland Province with sustainable heat by 2020. This means heat for 350,000 homes and 1,000 hectares of greenhouse farming ( In order to be able to supply so much heat, work is being done on the Heat Roundabout (WarmteRotonde).

The first phase was completed in December 2015. Since the beginning of 2016, AVR has been participating intensively in the Steering Committee for the ´Pipeline through the Middle´ subproject, in which we are working together with Eneco and the Municipality of Den Haag on a feasibility study for building a heating pipeline between Rotterdam and Den Haag. We are looking into the possibilities for connecting adjacent municipalities and companies as well.

Supplying heat from AVR leads to a CO2 savings in the sustainable energy chain of AVR and its partners. AVR´s contribution delivers an estimated CO2 reduction of 50k tonnes per year.