Waste-to-energy company tackles CO2 emissions with large-scale CO2 capture installation

Duiven, 29 May 2018 – AVR will start, as the first waste-to-energy company in the Netherlands, with the construction of a large-scale CO2 capture system and radically seeks to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The waste energy company made this announcement today. The CO2, released at AVR after the incineration of residual waste, serves as an important raw material for the growth of crops as an alternative to CO2 from natural gas. This installation should be operational, at the AVR location in Duiven, in a year’s time. With this step the waste energy company contributes directly to the CO2 reduction in the Netherlands and in reaching its climate targets.


29 May, 2018

The construction of the CO2 capture plant in 2019 means that 60 kton CO2 is expected to be captured and recycled. This is 15% of the total CO2 emissions in Driven. The CO2 to be captured by AVR will be transported by Air Liquide to greenhouse horticulture areas in the Netherlands. There CO2 needed to stimulate the growth of vegetables, soft fruit, flowers and plants. Especially in the summer, horticulturists  have the need for a substantial amount of CO2 in order to grow their crops. Should AVR find an additional customer in the winter, the total CO2 captured may rise to a maximum of 100 kton.

Michiel Timmerije, Director of Energy & Residues at AVR: “After a lot of effort and development this first installation is for AVR a test case that should result in making capture installations more efficient in the future and will help to utilize residual waste for a 100%. We are researching the possibilities of building a similar CO2 capture installation at our location in Rozenburg (Port of Rotterdam). We aim for the capture and application of 800,000 tons of CO2 annually. To achieve this we don’t only look at greenhouse horticulture, but also at the sustainable applications of CO2 for example in building materials such as concrete, basic chemistry for plastics and biofuels. We can use all the support and help from the government, politics, but also from the business community and startups. “

Lars Strandberg, Vice President Air Liquide North West Europe said: “We are pleased to partner with AVR. This project will strengthen the liquide CO2 supply and availability for this growing market. Air Liquide is committed to improve and optimise the CO2 footprint and thus contribute to circular economy.

Berno Schouten, Lingezegen Energy: “At the moment we use 20 to 25 million m3 of gas with which we produce heat, electricity and CO2 for several greenhouse horticulture companies. We are constantly looking for alternative sustainable energy sources to heat greenhouses. The switch to sustainable energy sources goes hand in hand with a sustainable and reliable CO2 source. We wholeheartedly support this AVR initiative and pave the way for us to take further steps in the phasing out of fossil fuels. “

For more information; download our press release.


PRESS RELEASE First tons of CO2 captured from residual waste supplied to greenhouse horticulture

Duiven, 1 oktober 2019 – Na ruim een jaar bouwen is afvalenergiebedrijf AVR begonnen met de afvang en levering van de eerste tonnen CO2 aan de glastuinbouw. Het broeikasgas vormt een belangrijke grondstof voor de verduurzaming van de glastuinbouwsector, die de aardgaskraan deels dicht kan draaien. AVR is het eerste afvalenergiebedrijf in Europa dat in staat is om op grote schaal CO2 af te vangen en te leveren.