Annual Report 2021: Sustainable Connection

AVR strives to make an impactful contribution to a sustainable society by giving residual flows a useful destination in the form of raw materials and energy. This contribution is made visible every year in the form of stories, operational results and figures. We are proud to present our Annual Report 2021: Sustainable Connection.


8 April, 2022

2021 has been a year of challenges and successes. After the decline due to the pandemic, we noticed that the economic recovery swiftly gained momentum. This has resulted in good financial results – supported by robust waste processing volumes and significant energy supply and investment stability.

Highlights of 2021

We want to share some of the 2021 milestones with you. The annual report will contain all the highlights.

Tenders Hellevoetsluis and the Achterhoek

AVR was awarded the tenders for the processing of domestic waste from the municipality of Hellevoetsluis and a large number of municipalities in the Achterhoek. In the coming years, these agreements will contribute to the company’s long-term strategy.

Turbine F investment

In 2021, the Rozenburg location received the new Turbine F. This counterpressure steam turbine supplies electricity, process steam and urban heat. Once the turbine is running at maximum power, AVR can supply process steam to companies in the immediate vicinity and deliver electricity to 60,000 households while simultaneously providing heating to 100,000 households.

Acquisition of AEB

In early December, AVR signed an agreement to acquire the Amsterdam waste energy company AEB. The sale has yet to be approved by the ACM (Consumer & Market Authority). This is expected later this year.

Operational challenges

We need to work harder and smarter to process the same amount of waste. The quality of the waste is still under pressure as a result of its fluctuating composition, which also leads to slug formation. We have managed to reduce this and keep our emissions under control. Since 1 January 2020, the Dutch government has been imposing a tax on imported residual waste. AVR and several private companies have joined forces in the ‘Afvalvergroeners’ (‘Making waste greener’) to highlight our role in the circular economy. We hope that the rules on import levies will be revised. Another situation that requires our attention is the connection between the workplace and the company management. There is a lot of improvement to be made here, and we are going to try, through several initiatives, to improve this in the near future.

Looking Forward

We continue to build on our strategy that keeps proving strong, year by year. The combination of our existing activities and that of AEB will further boost our ongoing commitment to sustainability, a circular economy and customer focus in the years ahead.

Integrated reporting with KPIs

This was a small selection from the AVR Annual Report 2021: Sustainable Connection. Take your time to read the full annual report carefully. It shows you how well we are performing on several material themes:

  • Safe working environment
  • CO2 emissions
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Recycling
  • Sustainable energy
  • Sustainable employability
  • Other emissions
  • Financial stability


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