We contribute towards a circular economy


At AVR we are working towards a circular economy. In a circular economy the use of products and materials is maximised and value destruction is minimised because products are reused as much as possible. Extracting something valuable from residual waste demands specific knowledge. AVR has that knowledge and is THE expert in this field.

We close the circle

Our smart incineration technology enables us to offer economical and sustainable solutions for extracting even more value from residual waste. The energy we recover is used to supply thousands of households with electricity and heat and many companies with process steam, and the minerals we recover from the bottom ash are used to produce sustainable paving slabs. We also generate electricity ourselves, which we give back to the grid. And we process residues and rejects from the recycling industry and are, therefore, complementary to recycling and an indispensable component in the transition to a circular economy. We close the circle by converting residual waste back into something valuable.

We think proactively about the entire chain and help make a circular economy a practical solution.