CO₂ capture

Reducing CO₂ emission is a key ambition.


The transition to a CO2-neutral climate is essential. AVR is working towards this transition every day by getting the most out of residual waste.

We do this by:

– recovering all the raw materials from the waste so they can be reused;

– generating as much (sustainable) energy as possible through the incineration process;

– reducing our own energy consumption and making it more sustainable.

Supplying the greenhouse horticulture sector

Research conducted in 2015 proved the feasibility of a real win-win situation: we can capture CO₂ and supply it to the greenhouse horticulture sector as a high-quality product. This offers AVR the opportunity to operate CO₂-neutrally in the longer term and, at the same time, means the greenhouse horticulture sector no longer needs to burn fossil fuels to produce CO₂.

Reduced CO₂ emission

Reducing CO₂ emission is a key ambition. By making residual waste 100% valuable we are contributing towards reducing not only our own CO₂ emissions but also those of our customers and of the chain. For example, we supply electricity and heat to households in the Rotterdam and Duiven/Arnhem regions and we also make it unnecessary for other companies to generate their own heat using fossil fuels, which would result in CO₂ being released.

The energy we supplied in 2020 prevented the release of a substantial 611,000 tons CO₂ into the air. And we do that every year! Currently we are also investigating the possibilities of storing residual heat underground in the summer so it can be used in the winter.