Why do we focus on processing waste?

The creation of a cleaner world in which nothing is wasted is why we exist and what motivates us.


Waste processing is essential

What would our streets and cities be like if the waste wasn’t collected and processed? They wouldn’t only look a mess, all the waste would also create a nuisance and pollution that would lead to vermin infestation. On top of that, having a lot of waste lying around is very bad for the environment.

Nothing is lost

We receive and process various types of residual waste on a daily basis. This waste comes from households and businesses in the Netherlands and abroad. At AVR we are experts in the processing of all kinds of residual waste. We don’t just incinerate the waste, we also use it to produce raw materials and generate energy. This is how we are contributing towards a circular economy and nothing being lost.

As a Waste-to-Energy Plant (AEC), AVR plays an important role in enabling Europe’s objectives regarding reducing land filling with (household) residual waste to be achieved. If we received all the waste currently being dumped in Europe we could provide 13 percent of European households with a permanent supply of electricity and heat. AVR supplies (sustainable) steam, heat and electricity to the surrounding area and by so doing prevents the use of fossil fuels and reduces CO₂ emissions. This contributes towards improving the climate.