AVR & CO₂ performance ladder

AVR works every day on the important transition to a low-CO2 society by deriving as much as possible from residual waste:

  • by recovering all raw materials and feeding them back into society;
  • by drawing as much (sustainable) energy as possible from the incineration process; and
  • by reducing our energy consumption and making it more sustainable.


Reduction of CO₂ emissions is a major ambition

By making residual waste 100% valuable, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions at AVR, in the chain and at our clients. For example, in recent years we have supplied heat and electricity to households in the regions of Rotterdam and Duiven/Arnhem and we save other companies from having to generate their own heat in ways that release CO2. Read more about the projects we have implemented.

First milestone: level 4 certification

In order to expand and encourage this positive development and make it visible internally and externally, AVR obtained a certificate in the spring of 2016: level 4 certification according to the CO2 performance ladder. The CO2 performance ladder will help us reduce AVR’s CO2 emissions in the coming years, and we´re hard at work on this!

CO₂ objective

The projects to consume less energy and emit less CO2 ourselves are established for the initial period. With these projects, AVR will strive for the following objective:

1.6 % CO2 reduction in 2019 compared to 2014.

AVR is also initiator of and participant in a range of joint ventures. Read more about them here.

Even more information

On these pages we keep you informed of our certification and our ongoing projects. AVR also makes a number of documents available online.