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CO₂ is often mentioned in the same breath with the climate problematic, because the CO₂ in the atmosphere that derives from fossil fuels is partly responsible for global warming. It is vitally important that we as a company assume our social responsibility and seek solutions.

AVR therefore initiated a fascinating pilot project: the CO₂ that is released from our combustion can, after innovative processing, be reused in greenhouse farming. So gardeners can switch over from fertilising their crops with fossil fuels to climate-neutral CO₂ within several years. In Holland’s greenhouse farming sector, around 3M tonnes of CO₂ are consumed each year in gas boilers. This industry is keenly interested in high-quality CO₂, clean CO₂ that encourages crops to grow: a local, optimally controlled greenhouse effect. The initial research done by AVR and its partners already made it clear that high-quality CO₂ could be recovered. Because the largest share of the residual waste processed by AVR is of biogenic origin, on balance we are removing CO₂ from the atmosphere. So not only aren’t we contributing to, we’re even reducing the greenhouse effect in the chain.

In this project AVR is working together with partners on the efficient production of high-quality CO₂ and the development of large-scale production facilities. The supply chain to end users is also already in full development. The concrete objective is first to capture 50,000 tonnes of CO₂ and as of the 2018 growing season to supply it to the regional greenhouse farming sector. If this proves a success, we´ll naturally go further!

This project is a significant contribution to a better environment. We’re coming a big step closer to our sustainability targets by supplying CO₂ to the horticulture sector, thus enabling the latter to switch over to sustainable energy and make significant savings on fossil fuels. AVR is thereby making its contribution to fulfilling the COP 21 agreements adopted in Paris and achieving the targets that the Netherlands set for itself for 2015.

By capturing 50 k tonnes of CO₂ and preventing them from entering the chain, we save as much fossil energy as do 400,000 solar panels per year.

Initiatives in the waste-to-energy sector

AVR collaborates with other waste-to-energy facilities in the Netherlands to give CO2 a new and usefull destination. Together with the Dutch Waste Management Association and LTO Glaskracht, we show government and the sector the gas reduction possibilities and future developments.